In Wonder Wednesday

A Story Collection

My parents have this innate ability to file away stories they’ve heard to pull out at a moment’s notice. These are stories gathered from talks they’ve heard, books they’ve read, and sweet little things their children or grandchildren have said over the years. It’s from this vast arsenal that they pull whenever they need a story to accompany a teaching moment.

They know the secret magic that stories hold.

For in just a few words, well-told stories have the power to teach volumes. And without much effort at all, the mind pins the stories up on the walls of our memory.

But in my case, I can’t always recall the stories I’ve heard or experienced — unless, I’ve written them down.

So today’s Wonder Wednesday tip is all about the importance of creating a “Story Collection.”

It doesn’t take much–just a small notebook or manila envelope and a desire to start collecting.

Whenever you hear or live out a story that teaches a lesson or truth or righteous principle, jot it down and tag it with key words of principles the story teaches. Then file it away for the perfect time to share it.

We can count the days we live or the stories we create. It’s a choice entirely up to us.

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