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Day 22: Moments

Do you have a collection? I collected many things growing up–stamps, teddy bears, dalmatians, bookmarks, and tea pots to name a few. I was a collector.

I still am. But my main collection now is that of memories. I love the moments that make up my cherished memories. I collect moments through photos, journaling, writing, and video recording. And my favorite moments to collect are family memories.

I kept a family blog from 2008-2015 and now I have a special print instagram account for family memories. These I print into books so I can always treasure the words and photos from our family’s memories.

My other favorite thing to do is record my children on video. I record the big moments and the small moments and those in-between. Then in the fall time I pull out all the recordings and make one short movie for every month that recaps our memories through video and music. On New Year’s I give them to my family and we curl up together to watch them.

Material things get old, break, become outdated. But moments? They are priceless. They’re worth more than all the money in the world.

Truly, memories, and the moments from which they are made, will live on forever.

How do you collect moments? Please comment below…

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