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Day 22: Nourishing Food

I know this seems like kind of a silly topic for a series about peace, but I think it’s relevant. When we nourish our bodies with healthy, nutritious food, our bodies and minds feel amazing and full of vitality, allowing us to experience more inner peace as a result.

Food is always a debatable subject and society is continually changing their opinion about what is healthy based on new discoveries and findings.

I find comfort, however, in the fact that the Lord has already given us the perfect plan for health found in the 89th section of the Doctrine and Covenants. This “Word of Wisdom” has stood the test of time and offers for me a perfect blueprint.

I encourage you to read it (if you have never read it before) and study it (even if you have). I have studied it in detail over the past several years as I’ve confronted different health challenges. And I have found that the more closely I align my diet with the Word of Wisdom, the greater my health, the clearer my mind and emotions, and the more energy I have.

This has been the healthiest year our family has ever had, and I can’t wait to see the blessings that flow from further living the Lord’s law of health.

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