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Day 23: Music

I have loved music for as long as I can remember. There’s something familiar about the rhythm, the notes, the melodies and harmonies–it’s a part of me in a very real way. Maybe it’s because I started piano lessons at age 4 and learned the notes and “language of music” before I even learned how to read. In a way, music was my first language.

I have done two separate research papers on the healing benefits of music therapy. The power of music that I read about in studies astonished me but didn’t really surprise me. Good music truly is uplifting and healing. There’s something miraculous about the way music can get into the hidden places of one’s heart and resonate with a poignant wave of sentiment.

How do you use music to increase your peace? Is it a regular part of your life?

I love music when I cook, do chores, have a family dance party, edit photos, when we drive, and when I write. We love so many different types of music. I especially love sacred music that invites the Holy Ghost.

I think my absolute favorite time to listen to music is when I’m feeling downtrodden or discouraged. When sadness threatens to sweep through my day, I have a special little ritual that works every time:

I turn on my iTunes playlist.

Because the Lord is the Master of my shuffle button.

He always gives me the exact songs I need to bring me hope, give me courage, offer me comfort–whatever I need, He is there.

I believe the Lord “reaches our reaching” in a way that we can easily understand, a way that connects and resonates with us. And music just happens to be my way. It’s the language I most understand.

And He always reaches my reaching, giving me the peace I seek.

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  • LeAnn
    October 24, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    Just lovely! I too love music and it calms my heart like nothing else. I really enjoy playing the piano and it gives me great peace.
    Blessings for this sweet one!