In Faith/ Handlettering

Day 4: Light.

Today our dear prophet, President Monson spoke to us about shining our lights brightly by being examples of true believers.
 The world is growing ever increasingly dark, but we can illuminate our homes, our communities and the world around us as we glow just a little bit brighter each day.

I still have so far to go before I will be shining as brightly as I desire. But if I spend some time in quiet communion with my Heavenly Father, I know He will instruct me on how to shine better for Him.

Do you feel the stirrings in your heart to shine? To make a difference? To change your family and the world? It all starts within. In the sacred chambers of the heart.

May we embrace our call to shine our light.

And as we do, we will flood the earth with the light of Christ.

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