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Faith and Trust produce Happiness and Peace

I have been soaking up and feasting on the words of General Conference for my personal study the last few weeks.  Today I stumbled across a line that struck me.  I was reading and listening to Elder Wilford W. Andersen:

“…hope and happiness and joy are not products of circumstance but of faith in the Lord.”

Powerfully true.  Poignantly simple.  One more statement:

“…for most of us, sadness and fear begin to melt away and are replaced with happiness and peace when we put our trust in the Author of the plan of happiness and when we develop faith in the Prince of Peace.”

Since God the Father created the plan of happiness–wouldn’t it follow that putting our trust in the One who created happiness will naturally bring us happiness?  Since Christ is the Prince of Peace and has literally paved the way to peace, wouldn’t it follow that if we follow Him and have faith in Him we will naturally be at peace?  It just makes sense.

Happy Challenge:
Develop faith in the Prince of Peace (Jesus Christ) and put your trust in the Author of the plan of happiness (Heavenly Father).  Watch your happiness and peace grow…

How is your faith?
How is your trust?
How is your happiness?

How is your peace?

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