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Find your Glow.

My one wish for you {and me} today is true serenity.  To worry, to fret, to stew, to be troubled, to doubt.  These states of mind are not our destiny or purpose.  We are here to have joy!  And joy comes to us when we are at peace with ourselves and with God.  No matter our environment, surroundings, or present circumstances, we can still have peace!  I believe this.  And this is how:

“Faith in the Lord is trust in the Lord.  We cannot have true faith in the Lord without also having complete trust in the Lord’s will and in the Lord’s timing…The exercise of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is always subject to the order of heaven, to the goodness and will and wisdom and timing of the Lord.  When we have that kind of faith and trust in the Lord, we have true security and serenity in our lives.” -Elder Dallin H. Oaks, The Atonement and Faith, Ensign April 2010, p. 30

Did you catch that?  True serenity comes from having faith and trust in the Lord.  It’s simple.  It’s profoundly deep.  It’s like this warm, glowing light in the middle of winter.  This warmth, this glow can be yours…if you allow the Lord to give you an overwhelming sense of peace and serenity that surpasses your fondest imaginations.  To think.  We can attain true peace and serenity no matter what happens around us or to us, IF we are willing to know that we are in the Lord’s hands.  That’s all it takes.  A paradigm shift.  A fresh mindset.  Trust Him.  He loves you.  Let that thought rest in your minds and see how many happifying droplets can be added to your cup.  You’ll be amazed. 

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  • Gina
    November 10, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Thank you for this and your many other beautiful and thought-provoking posts! I love that word, serenity, and your title, "find your glow." Sometimes I forget I have glow–thanks for reminding me 🙂