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For Yesterday.

 Sometimes we can’t do everything (like not posting yesterday).  And that’s okay.  Happiness in life is all about accepting ourselves as we are and accepting our efforts as enough.  Perfectionists tend to only focus on the negative…the things that didn’t work out…the things done wrong.  In other words, perfectionism is another word for pessimism.  This is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  I wonder to myself, how can I enjoy the whole when there is a flaw in it?  My eyes and mind are drawn to the flaw and then I find I can’t enjoy the other 95%.

Let’s choose to be optimists…recognizing and focusing on the positive things, the things we’re good at, the things we’ve mastered.  Maybe then we’ll realize that the color of our days is a warm yellow glow with only a few dots of gray instead of the other way around.

Happy Challenge:

Choose today to be an eternal optimist and see if the hue of your day doesn’t turn around instantly.  I dare you! 🙂