My Story

I’ve always claimed to be a small and simple girl who loves small and simple things. And my story is pretty small and simple as well, but here it is:

I was born to the most loving, perfect parents in all the world and grew up in a little red brick home. We had a sweeping backyard complete with a few maple trees, pine trees, apple trees, and cherry trees, and bordered with a horse pasture and little red shed. That home was my whole world.

My two little sisters and I grew up acting out all sorts of make-believe stories. I would write stories and plays and choreograph dances for the three of us to perform. (Some of them even made it on the big screen of our family camcorder). We played “olden days” and dressed up in pioneer dresses from the thrift store. We flew to the moon on our swing set and rode our bikes around the driveway (pretending they were ponies.) It was an idyllic childhood and we were the closest of families.

Then when I turned 16, we moved halfway across the world to the European, oceanside country of Portugal. My father was called to be the mission president of the Portugal Porto mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our family was privileged to accompany him on that service mission. It was there that I waded in the ocean, gazed at my favorite lighthouse, walked the cobblestone streets, shopped at the markets, came to know who I was deep down inside, and came to know my Savior, Jesus Christ. This was a treasured, foundational part of my life, never to be forgotten. My family was called to serve for 3 years, but when I turned 18, I left a year early to attend college back in the states. I never realized how heartbreaking this would be to leave my family, but it was the necessary stepping stone to the next chapter of my life.

Little did I know when I arrived in Portugal that I would meet my future husband there. Patrick, (Elder Johnson), was one of my dad’s missionaries. Through a coincidental (or miraculous) series of events, we ran into each other after I came home and started dating. When my parents came home a year later, we were married in the Logan, Utah temple and began the next chapter of our lives.

Together we went to school and lived so far away from our families, that we learned to rely on the Lord and each other because that’s all we had. I finished my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education two weeks before our second son was born, and Patrick finished his the following summer. We moved again so Patrick could get his doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, and proceeded to move a total of 10 times in the past 10 years of our marriage.

As of December 2016, we are finally living in our forever Farmhouse on 2 acres of farmland. We now have four sweet children, three boys and a princess. I homeschool my children and we can’t wait to start cultivating our farmland into a beautiful oasis of peace. I spend my days caring for my family, being a homemaker, writing, reading, planning memorable family traditions, holidays, and vacations, and sitting in the peaceful stillness.

With the recent birth of our fourth child, our last little boy in the summer of 2016, I experienced a pregnancy-related heart failure and so today, I am just so grateful to be alive. (You can read more about my story here: The Heart Healing Healing Part 1)

I am ever so thankful for the life my Heavenly Father has given me and the stories He is helping me to write. While my life isn’t perfect, it is pretty close, and I just love every minute of this incredible journey. Each morning I awake with the goal of enjoying each precious moment, and seeing the Lord’s hand in the details of my life. I am learning how to make my home into a holy place and how to bind my family together in loving, eternal ties. Truly, my faith and my family mean everything to me and I will sing praises unto the Lord forever for His multitude of tender mercies towards me.