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Journey to 1000 Gifts from Him. {Day 244}

New Zealand / Grass / Farm

#831. Little Bear making our bed out of the kindness of his heart.
#833. A dreary day.
#835. Sleeping in.
#846. A Thankful Box filling up.
#848. Being almost all ready for the hospital.
#849. Boys playing sweetly by themselves
#850. How they’re growing up and I’m loving “where they are” right now.
#854. Feeling deep in my heart that the Lord’s will really is best–whatever that may be.
#862. A nice, long rest while the boys made a big, beautiful mess of toys and play things.
#866. Christmas music bringing the magical feelings of the coming holiday season.
#877. A video about teaching gratitude to children through cataloging gratitude, gratitude letters, and 3 good things discussed at the end of each day.
#883. Little Bear’s wild and crazy hair messed up from his hat.
#889. Turning my will over to the Lord.
#894. Little Bear hugging Little Bug, taking his cheeks in his hands and asking, “Do you love me?”
#900.  This holy, special family tiem on a Sunday evening.
#901. My sweetheart home with us all week.
#902. The boys playing lions as they wrestle helter skelter on the floor…and me letting the laughter roll the whole time…