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Secrets to a Heartfelt Valentine’s Day

Is there a way to elevate Valentine’s Day from one of high expectations and disappointment to one of meaningful, heartfelt memories?

I’ve experimented over the last nine years to find the secret formula for the perfect Valentine’s Day. These 5 simple tips below are the essence of what I have found.


1. Give Love. First and foremost, change your focus from “getting love” on Valentine’s Day to “giving love.” This tip is the single most important thing I can offer you.

It will change your world.

Dream up all the ways you can make this day magical for your family, friends, and loved ones, and watch your heart expand and open. This one simple shift in thinking will allow you to receive more love than you can possibly imagine.

2. Celebrate YOUR Family. I could easily call this tip, “Don’t compare,” but I don’t like the negative statement. Instead of allowing yourself to get caught up in all the ways your friends, neighbors, and social media photos celebrate Valentine’s Day, be unique. Be authentic and create your Valentine’s Day in a way that brings you and your family joy. It doesn’t matter how anyone else is celebrating. Honestly take stock of what is important and meaningful to you and cut out the rest guilt-free. This tip is vitally important as you read the rest of my tips. I offer our family’s celebrations as mere ideas. Please don’t feel like you have to do or be like me. Just be YOU.

3.  Simplify Traditions & Decor. Not all the loving plans and gifts we dream up will be realistic or even feasible. Hone your list of dreams to the very most meaningful ways you can make Valentine’s Day special.

{Our simple Valentine’s Day celebrations include gifting the children a bowl of candy and chocolates when they wake up, along with a new book or two that I have recorded reading to them so they can listen anytime they would like. My husband and I take turns planning our evening date for after the children go to sleep.


My Valentine’s decor is very simple, yet lovely. I fill my red glass basket that belonged to my grandmother with Valentine’s chocolates, and place an empty chocolates box on the table. This empty box is sometimes filled with love notes that we write to each other. This year I am on the lookout for when my children are kind and serve one another. I write it on a little heart and place it in the box. On Valentine’s Day I will assign one of the children to be Cupid, and they will get to pass out the hearts to those who did the service. I hang on my shelves a simple banner of 5 vintage Valentine’s cards on red & white striped twine. And the final touch for me is a big bouquet of fresh flowers. This is the icing on the cake for me…my flowers have yet to arrive this year, but I will be posting a photo on Instagram when they come if you follow me there.}


4. Create a Heartwarming Meal. Now, this meal doesn’t have to be fancy or glamorous or even homemade. Plan a meal that will bring you joy (and not much stress). If our holidays are so consumed with busyness, they lose their sparkle and cease to be a joy and delight. Make your menu, then don’t second-guess yourself. If a night out at a special restaurant would be more joyful to your family than hours in the kitchen, don’t hesitate. But if you prefer a gourmet feast with all the trimmings, follow your heart. There is no right way to create a heartwarming meal. The key is to make sure whatever you do is heartwarming to you and those you love.


{For breakfast we are trying out a new tradition of a special Valentine’s cereal bar where the children get to create their own bowl of “cereal love” (Rice Crispies topped with heart-shaped marshmallows, tiny dehydrated marshmallows, and sprinkles). Dinnertime always involves hearts of some kind. Some years we make a heart-shaped pizza, but usually, we have heart pancakes.

This year the menu will be: heart-shaped pancakes topped with strawberry or raspberry jam & a dollop of whipping cream, along with cherry pomegranate juice, bacon, eggs, raspberry pretzel salad, and chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert.}

5. Let this holiday be a pattern for your life…

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  • Anna Hargett
    February 13, 2016 at 12:54 am

    I love your Instagram posts, so I hopped over to check out your blog and, of course, it's gorgeous too! Love these ideas for Valentine's Day – especially focusing on idea of giving love instead of getting love. ❤️ Anna @thisperfectmess

  • Jamie Johnson
    March 1, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    Thank you Anna! I appreciate you stopping by. Please come anytime!! 🙂 Have a happy day!